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David Jay and Sharon Lynn Wilpon were married on January 13, 1990 in Miami Florida at temple Bet Shira.  The temple was totally destroyed in 1992 by hurricane Andrew.  They have 2 sons, Jason  who was born 06/1993 & Benjamin born on 03/2003.  As of 2006 they reside in South Florida.  Sharon and David grew up living literally around the corner from each other in New York but never knew each other.  Their families however did know of each other.  It wasn't until they were dating and going through some pictures that they realized that Sharon's brother Richard and David were in the same 5th grade class.

They met due to a common friend.  Sharon's best friend since birth Susan (Goodman) Valancy was once a girlfriend of David.  Afterwards they stayed friends for all those years.  When David was living in Florida Susan set us up on a blind date.  From there the rest as they say is history.


David Jay Wilpon was born 11/1961 in Brooklyn, New York.  His Hebrew name is Menachem Yussef (Yosseff).  His first name means "comforter" in Hebrew and was given this name in honor of his brother Jeffrey to fill his parents hearts which were drained after Jeffrey's passing at a very young age.  Yussef was for his mom's Tanta Gettel's son Joseph who was the brother of his mom's first cousin Hilda.  For about 2 months he lived at 660 Linden Blvd.  Then his family moved to Queens, New York.  In New York he attended John Adams high school.  He attended Queens College in Flushing, NY.  Although he did not graduate from there he did later on in life graduate from Regents College in NY via their distance learning program which involved taking classes at a local university (Florida Int. University).  Being very interested in science and math he took the MCAT thinking of possibly going to medical school.  After his first son Jason was born he decided that he would miss to much of his son's life and opted not to pursue medical school.

In his early days he studied judo and then karate (Shotokan under world famous Sensei Dr. Alex Sternberg & Tang soo do).  Eventually he earned a brown belt in both. He also learned to play the piano and later on in high school the trumpet.

Starting at a very early age part time and continuing on to full time until he moved to Florida, David worked in his grandfather's lumber business (Junction Lumber) in Corona, Queens , NY.  He worked there with his grandfather Benjamin Greenstein, uncle Martin Greenstein, cousin Stuart Greenstein and many other Greenstein - Wilpon relatives over the years. 

At the age of 25 he moved to South Florida in September of 1985 to work for his Uncle Alvin Wilpon at Filpak Inc. at his uncle's request. 

David worked there and built the business for 14 years until he was let go by his uncle in 1999.

With a wife and young son at home his options were limited.  In September of 1999 he opened Custom Manufacturing Corp (CMC) in Medley, Florida.  CMC manufactures personal care and over the counter drug products for both human and veterinary purposes.  Much the same as his former employer.  CMC continues to thrive today.

Although never a big baseball fan growing up, due to his son Jason's extreme interest in the sport he grew to be a big fan himself.  Although he enjoys watching a game or being at the ballpark with his family, one of his greatest joys is watching Jason play in his games.  He looks forward to the coming school year(2007) when Jason will be starting on the Nova High School baseball team, a top ranked team in the nation.  Other interests include digital photography and almost anything to do with computers.

David's 4 year old son Benjamin (as of May 2007) is also a source of great pride and happiness.  To watch his daily achievements in life is truly an amazing thing.  Ben too loves baseball and hits wiffle balls off of a tee almost everyday.


 Sharon Lynn Wilpon was born on 09/1965.  Her Hebrew name is Manacha Elka (female version of David's Hebrew name) and she was named for xxxx. She grew up in Queens, New York and moved to Florida with her family when she was 7 years old.  She attended Miami Sunset high school and Miami Dade community college.

After graduating with an AA degree in Elementary education, she decided teaching was not for her. Instead she became a full-charge bookkeeper and worked for a company in the aerospace industry, a hurricane shutter company and banking. After that she went on to work as a personal assistant before retiring to become a full time wife and mother in 2006. This allowed her more time with 13 year old, Jason and 4 year old, Benjamin.

Sharon loves to cook and plan gatherings for family and friends. Sports, especially baseball, have been a big part of her life. Reading is another one of her interests, along with spending time with friends.