Rachel Wilpon Minchen & Meyer Minchen

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The notes immediately below and information have been supplied by Matthew Wilpon.  Thank you very much for your help Matthew.

"This page is an overview of the Wilpan/Wilpon family line.  Research suggests the family is most likely from Minsk, Belarus (formerly Russia).  Jacob Joseph also resided in Mena, Ukraine. The surname BALABAN appears in most searches involving the keyword WILPON or WILPAN.

Various birth dates listed in the detailed sections of the early family history are just guesses since good records were not kept or were lost.  The Ellis Island ship manifests are most likely incorrect regarding ages and spelling of names and should be interpreted with this in mind. 

Rachel Wilpon arrived in America around 1882 via the Galveston port.  Currently, no records are available. In fact, significant portions of the Galveston ship records from 1871-1894 have been lost.  An assumption has been used to relate the WILPAN & WILPON family line based on information from Warren Wilpan that Wolf Wilpan was from Minsk."

Simon Minchen born 5/18/1886 Austin, Texas.  Died 4/12/1958 Houston Texas.  Married Mamie Pesses born 11/07/1887, died 02/27/1986 Houston, Texas.

Meyer Ansel Minchen born 6/23/1923.

Ralph H. Minchen born 11/07/1924


Dorothy A. Minchen Schaffer born 5/18/1928.  Married Dr. Randolph Schaffer in 1949.


Sara Minchen died at 5 years old.

Fred Minchen Wright resides in Austin, Texas.