Descendents of Abraham Wilpon

This page is for those there is limited information on.  Those people who provided a substantial amount of information will have their own page.


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Milton J. Wilpon was named after Eugene Wilpon's sister Mildred Wilpon who was killed by an automobile which jumped a curb and hit her while she was standing on a sidewalk. 


Stefanie Rose Wilpon is the daughter of Steven & Faith Wilpon was born in 1983.  Her Hebrew name is Rachael.  Her middle name Rose is named for her grandmother Faye's mother.  Stefanie graduated from Cornell University with a degree in biology.


Robyn Lynn Ackerman is the daughter of Bruce & Cheryl Ackerman, granddaughter of Freda Wilpon Pelman.  She was born in 1982.  As of May 2007, Robyn is a Lieutenant in the US Army.  She is now in Killeen Texas and will be serving in Iraq in July of this year.  She will soon be promoted to Captain.


Stefanie Jill Ackerman is the daughter of Bruce & Cheryl Ackerman, granddaughter of Freda Wilpon Pelman.  She was born in 1980.  As of May 2007, Stefanie is living in Florida and is a navigator on an oil tanker.  She graduated from from California Maritime University after attending the Coast Guard Academy. 


Michele Dement is the daughter of Janet Miracle, granddaughter of Irving Wilpon.  She was born on 10-26-1972.  She has 4 children:

Connor Austin Bamber born 05/12/1992

Briana Summer Richardson born 07/29/1995

Cheyenne Alexis Bamber born 12/18/1999

Annika Rhiannon Perry born 07/11/2002


Kenneth Pelman is the son of Linda & Martin Pelman, gandson of Freda & Sol Pelman.  He was born on April 17, 1978.  Kenneth works for NOAA and married Erica on March 26, 2006.


Eugene L. Wilpon passed away July 28, 2003.  Eugene's first wife was Marlene J. Braun.  After becoming remarried, she became Marlene Hazen.  Marlene passed away in April of 2003.  Together they had 2 children, Wayne Alan Hazen (born 09/27/1955) & Diane P. Dalton.  Eugene's second wife was Florence and they had no children together.  Both Wayne and Diane were adopted by there stepfather.  As of 2008 Wayne lives in Kissimme Florida.  Diane is living on the east shore of Maryland.  Diane's 2 girls Elizabeth & Lisa live in Deleware.


Lyle Wilpon is the son of Kenneth & Marjorie Wilpon.  He is married to Jill Weinberg Wilpon.  Their children Margaux Ruth was born on 07/14/06 & Paul Nelson was born 03/05/08.