Abraham & Sarah(Herman) Wilpon


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Abraham 37 yrs & Sarah 36 yrs Wilpon with children (L to R) Sam 6 yrs, Ethel 4 yrs (Etta), Louis 10 months (on lap) & Beatrice 8yrs(Bluma).


This picture was taken shortly before they boarded the SS Philadelphia in South Hampton, England for their voyage to America.  They arrived 11/26/1904.  Louis was about 10 months old.

I can't confirm this but one person told me that Abraham had three wives.  The first two were both named Sarah (his 2nd wife is the one mentioned below) and the 3rd one is unknown.

Abraham & Sarah were both born in Russia.  He was a tailor by trade.  Records from Ellis Island show he arrived from London in 1904 at the age of 37.  This would mean he was born around 1867.  Records also show he arrived with $10 in his pocket (it really does!!) and that he was going to his brother in-law S. Herman who lived at 207 East 98th Street, Brooklyn, New York. 

He was married 3 times with no children from his 3rd marriage.  Unconfirmed is that 2 of his wives were both named Sarah.  He had a brother named Jacob Joseph Wilpon.  Both he and his brother had owned farm land in Orange County, New Jersey up until about 1931.  Abraham died on 9/15/1944 at 75 years old in Roselle, New Jersey. 

I can't confirm this yet but I have heard that Abraham had a bible in which he wrote his name as Abraham Bilpan.  One reason may be there is no W in Russian.  So, the family name may have started as Bilpan.

Abraham had a sister named Rachel Wilpon who was born in 1864 and had 12 children.  He also had a brother named Jacob Joseph Wilpon.