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        Louis & Lillian at David & Sharon Wilpon's wedding in the year 1990


Louis Wilpon when he

joined the Navy at 17 yrs old.

Barnet Louis Wilpon was born on 04/04/1903 in London England in the Sub-district of Bethnal Green at 72 Hackney Road.  His birth certificate list his name as Barnet.  Somewhere along the line he started going by Louis.  His hebrew name is Beryl Labe.

He came to America on 11/26/04 at 10 months old with his father Abraham, mother Sarah and siblings Sam, Ethel (Etta), and Beatrice (Bluma).  A younger brother Julius was born here in America.  The 1910 Census (Manhattan, NY) lists him as Barnett Wilson and his 1915 Naturalization certificate has his name as Louis Wilpan. 

Louis did many things during his life.  He served in the Navy, owned a candy store, baked bagels in Miami, Florida, played the harmonica and could fix just about anything.  One thing I remember he did better than anybody was make rice pudding (both with and without raisins). 

Louis past away on 05/28/1992 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

Lillian Wilpon's high school

graduation picture (dress hand made by Lillian)

Lillian Wilpon was born Lena Schier on 06/27/1907.  She was born at home at 67 Lewis Street.  Different documents show her maiden named spelled different ways: Shier, Scher, Schear.  She never liked the name Lena so she started using the name Lillian though it was never legally changed.  Lillian was the oldest of three children.  Her brothers Alex & Jakie both dies in 1981. 

Lillian's mother Ida & father Charles were both born is Austria-Hungary.  Ida married Charles at 23 yrs of age.  Charle's mother's name was Hannah.  Ida came to this country as an orphan at about 10 yrs old.  She was raised by her cousin Jenny Tepper in New York. 

At about age 10 Lillian got her first job putting garters on men's socks.  She made $0.25 per gross.  Later she packed chocolates for Loft's Chocolates. 

Lillian was introduced by her mother to the young man in her apartment building who fixes everything.  Louis & Lillian were married on Sunday March 14, 1926 at the synagogue of the Fremont Hebrew School located at 1768 Washington Ave., Bronx, NY.  Lillian used to live at 1709 Fulton Ave, Bronx, NY.

Like her husband she was also a good cook.  Her children and grandchildren will never forget her sweet & sour meatballs. 

At the end of an interview that Lillian's granddaughter (Maria Wainer) did she asked Lillian if she had a message for her children and grandchildren.  Basically her message was: You're a family.  Love each other; be good to each other; take care of one another.  Family was always most important to Lillian. 

Lillian past away on 01/07/2003 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.