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Sheldon Wilpon was born on October 1, 1927 to Louis & Lillian Wilpon in Roselle, New Jersey.  His Hebrew name is Schmuel Elyah and he was named after his dad's (Louis) mother Sarah (Surah Elka).  He married Eleanor Greenstein on June 18th 1949.  Sheldon served in the navy like his dad did.  He joined when he was 17 years old. and he never saw any combat.  As the story goes he enlisted in the navy.  Shortly after while he was in boot camp the Japanese found out that Sheldon Wilpon had joined the navy and they surrendered.



Eleanor Wilpon was born on February 12, 1930.  She is the daughter of Benjamin & Helen Greenstein.  Her Hebrew name is Channah Feigah and she was named after her father's first wife Helen.  Her mom known as Babu was also named Helen. On her birth certificate her name is actually spelled Elenore but she has always spelled it Eleanor.  In the past she has worked as a dental assistant and later on in life after her children were grown in a pediatrician's office. 

Sheldon & Eleanor first met when they both worked in the Catskill mountains.  As the story goes Eleanor's mom was working as a cook at the Pineview Country Club owned by a Mr. Lippman.  Sheldon was working as a chauffer and a waiter at another resort.  One day when he was serving some soup he accidentally put his thumb in it.  As a result he was fired.  He then got a job at the Pineview where he met Eleanor. 

Sheldon & Eleanor were married on 06/18/1949.  Together they had four boys: Jeffrey, Clifford, Howard & David.  Jeffrey passed away at a young age.  They lived in Brooklyn for awhile and later bought a home in Howard Beach, NY where they raised their children.  They now have six grandchildren (Seth, Rachel, Hannah, Stefanie, Jason & Benjamin) and one great granddaughter Lily ayn.

Eleanor Passed away on January 3, 2008

Eleanor & brother Marty           Eleanor, Sheldon & (L to R standing)                                                 David, Clifford, Howard in 1999.